Write a dream or a nightmare for my character in my ask.


See how they react to it.


Ooh yes!

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Your character overhears someone interrogating mine while using torture to get mine to talk. How does your character react to the situation?


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Angsty Starters Meme.


  • “I just really need to have you here right now.”
  • “Didn’t you see what I did!?”
  • “Oh fuck. Oh FUCK.”
  • “Please come get me.”
  • “Where are you!?”
  • “I’m coming, just sit tight!”
  • “Look at me - just breathe, okay?”
  • “I can’t breathe!”
  • “You don’t have to stay.”
  • “It’s all my fault.”
  • “It’s all YOUR fault!”
  • “Don’t fucking touch me.”
  • “Please I just… really need space right now.”
  • “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere.”
  • “I’m gonna be sick.”
  • “Ever wonder if the world would be better off without you…?”
  • “I’m sick of being USELESS.”
  • “You’re not useless.”
  • “Shit, are you bleeding?!”
  • “Please, put it DOWN.”
  • “Shh, c’mere…”
  • “It’s okay to cry…”
  • “Don’t listen to them. Don’t you EVER listen to them.”
  • “I’m not cut out for this.”
  • “Just leave me ALONE.”
  • “Please listen to me—”
  • “You can trust me.”
  • “Don’t trust me.”
  • “What happened doesn’t change anything.”
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sentence meme: The Prince of Egypt edition!


  • "Deliver us to the promised land."
  • "I have nothing I can give, but this chance that you may live."
  • "I pray we’ll meet again."
  • "Sleep and remember my last lullaby, so I’ll be with you when you dream."
  • "Do you know somewhere he can be free?"
  • "Brother, you’re safe now. And safe may you stay."
  • "Deliver us to the promised land!"
  • "Faster you beasts! You run like mules!"
  • "Oh come on! Where’s your sense of fun?"
  • "Admit it, you’ve always looked up to me!"
  • "Second born! Second place!"
  • "You don’t think we’ll get in trouble for this, do you?"
  • "It’s not your fault your sons learned nothing."
  • "One weak link can break the chain of a mighty dynasty!"
  • "All he cares about is… is your approval."
  • "I know he will live up to your expectations. He only needs the opportunity."
  • "Well, you are rather pathetic."
  • "Why is it that every time you start something, I’m the one who ends up in trouble?"
  • "Don’t worry. Nobody will even notice us coming in."
  • "Not much of a snake charmer, are you?"
  • "But I AM showing you all the respect you deserve: none!"
  • "Freedom? Why would I care about that?"
  • "She’s confused and knows not to whom she speaks."
  • "Now you go too far. You shall be punished!"
  • "Ask the man that you call ‘father!’"
  • "Surely this is all I ever wanted."
  • "Sometimes, for the greater good, sacrifices must be made."
  • "They were only slaves."
  • "So— so everything I thought, everything I am, is a lie."
  • "I’m not going to merely restore this temple. I will make it more grand, more splendid than anything in upper or lower Egypt."
  • "Leave that man alone!"
  • You saw what happened. I just killed a man.”
  • "I say you are innocent!"
  • "I’m not who you think I am."
  • "Goodbye, brother."
  • "Our father’s the high priest of Midian! You’re going to be in big trouble!"
  • "Aren’t these your camels?"
  • “‘Trying to get the funny man out of the well.’ Well THAT’S one I’ve never heard before.”
  • "That’s why Papa says she’ll never get married."
  • "You should not be a stranger in this land!"
  • "It seems you do not know what is worthy of honor."
  • "It’s too early for this."
  • "Here I am."
  • "Take the sandals from your feet, for the place on which you stand is holy ground."
  • "Who am I to lead these people?"
  • "What on earth are you dressed as?"
  • "In my heart you are my brother, but things cannot be as they were."
  • "He commands that you let His people go."
  • "Well forgive us these smiles on our faces; you’ll know what power is when we are done."
  • "Stop this foolish mission; watch a true magician!"
  • "His hands bore the blood of thousands of children."
  • "I do not know this god. Neither will I let your people go."
  • "Tell your people that as of today their workload has been doubled, thanks to their god. Or is it thanks to you?"
  • "I didn’t mean to cause you more pain."
  • "I did not see because I did not wish to see."
  • "Let my people go!"
  • "All the innocent who suffer from your stubbornness and pride…"
  • "You who I called brother! How could you have come to hate me so? Is this what you wanted?"
  • "Please, talk to me. We could always talk here."
  • "You were always getting me into trouble! But then… you were always there to get me out of trouble again."
  • "Why is HE here? Isn’t that the man who DID all this?"
  • "No kingdom should be made on the backs of slaves."
  • "You and your people have my permission to go."
  • "Though hope is frail, it’s hard to kill."
  • "Look at your people. They are free."
  • "Deliver us!"
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My character is lying on their couch, clearly suffering from a high fever, what does your character do?

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  • “You should see the other guy.”
  • “I fought them off singlehandedly, all fifteen of them!”
  • “Is that blood?”
  • “Do you have to walk around with tissues shoved up your nostrils?”
  • “Ouch. That is not a pretty face.”
  • “They must have knocked all the sense out of you.”
  • “How many brain cells are you down to now?”
  • “Is there anything you need?”
  • “I’m sore in places I didn’t even know existed.”
  • “How long was I out?”
  • “Why did you hit me?”
  • “I didn’t mean to hit you that hard.”
  • “Look on the bright side. You’re alive, aren’t you?”
  • “Can you walk?”
  • “Why didn’t you call me?”
  • “Is it as bad as it looks?”
  • “I think I see a light…”
  • “You should have told me sooner.”
  • “I had him on the ropes!”
  • “Sit still and let me look after you.”
  • “I don’t need you to treat me like a baby.”
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i need to get off. I have a wedding tomorrow, and I don’t wanna be tired.

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Emotionally shatter my muse. Break them. Hurt them. Give them a nightmare that will haunt them. Make them cry. Make me regret asking you for this!




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  • “It's 4 in the morning, is everything ok?”
  • “Some days I think I'm dying, but I'm really only trying to get through.”
  • “I think the house is spinning.”
  • “So, we'll try again and eventually we'll get it right.”
  • “Not a very exact science, is it?”
  • “I'm trying to tell you I love you.”
  • “I can be perfect for you.”
  • “I miss the pain.”
  • “Nothing's real.”
  • “I didn't know you had a brother.”
  • “He's been dead 16 years.”
  • “This is fucked.”
  • “I know you're hurting. I am, too.”
  • “Can you tell me what it is you're afraid of?”
  • “Can I touch you?”
  • “Are you wanting all that she can't give?”
  • “I am the one who won't walk away.”
  • “I wish I could fly, I'd fly far away from here.”
  • “I love you as much as I can.”
  • “I'm your worst fear, you'll find it in me.”
  • “I need you to need me.”
  • “It's not going to get better, is it?”
  • “Are you nervous?”
  • “What's your story?”
  • “Did you see my parents out there?”
  • “How could she leave me on my own?”
  • “Why didn't you take me with you?”
  • “You're kidding, right? That's bullshit.”
  • “What makes you think I'd lose my mind for you?”
  • “Tell me why I wait through the night.”
  • “I can't get through this alone.”
  • “Am I feeling what I think I'm feeling?”
  • “I'm good as gone.”
  • “You don't remember any of this?”
  • “I thought you might call.”
  • “Don't say that we're over.”
  • “I couldn't give a flying fuck what's normal.”
  • “Your life has kind of sucked, I think.”
  • “Won't anything be better than before?”
  • “Your son is gone forever though.”
  • “There's something missing.”
  • “Let me know you again.”
  • “Why do I get denied?”
  • “Where'd you get that?”
  • “How could I ever forget?”
  • Why would you want to remember the things that hurt you?”
  • “Please, tell me his name.”
  • “Why stay?”
  • “Something next to normal would be okay.”
  • “You look like a star.”
  • “Can you leave it behind?”
  • “I might end up crazy.”
  • “So anyway I'm leaving.”
  • “It's time for me to go.”
  • “I am the one who saved you.”
  • “I know you know who I am.”
  • “We need some light.”
  • “It's the price we pay to feel.”
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I Should Have Never

My excuse? I needed to write. Like, bad. And I couldn’t think of anything to write, so I found that prompt generator, and BAM! Here’s a drabble. Just about 2 and a half pages. I decided to go with Blood’n’Claws verse for this one, and it alludes to an event that happened toward the very beginning of the verse. Anyhow. I’ll stop rambling. (Don’t expect miracles. I haven’t written like this in a while, so I’m probably a bit rusty. Ugh.)

1148 words.

Prompt: “Why should you have?  List six true sentences that begin with the words ‘I should have never…’  Then use all six of your sentences in a paragraph, poem, or longer descriptive piece.” (from this lovely site.)


I Should Have Never

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Sooo… I’m home. but I can’t really focus… It was an alright day, but there were some issues… And I have a wedding to attend tomorrow, so I’m kinda focused on that at the moment… And Sunday I’m going back to my grandma’s until Wednesday…

I swear I’m gonna do threads. Not sure when, but I will do them. I have most of the ones I owe in my drafts, so I won’t lose them.

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ghostbusters inspired sentence meme


  • "Don’t cross the streams."
  • "I’m fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean, ‘bad’?"
  • "Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light."
  • "We came! We saw! We kicked its ass!"
  • "Yes it’s true. … This man has no dick."
  • "Human sacrifice! Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!
  • "When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say ‘Yes!’”
  • "I’m terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought."
  • "I love this plan! I’m excited to be a part of it. Let’s do it!"
  • Back off, man! I’m a scientist!
  • Generally you don’t see that kind of behavior in a major appliance.
  • Ah, if there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.
  • "Listen… do you smell something?"
  • That would have worked if you hadn’t stopped me.
  • "This city is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions."
  • "Nice shootin’, Tex!"
  • "I feel like the floor of a taxi cab."
  • "Okay, who brought the dog?"
  • "I’ve quit better jobs than this."
  • "I don’t have to take this abuse from you, I’ve got hundreds of people dying to abuse me."
  • "Wow. I got to get some sleep, I’m dying."
  • "I make it a rule never to get involved with possessed people."
  • "They hate this. I like to torture them."
  • "I bet those science chicks really dig that large cranium of yours, huh?"
  • "Oh, no! I have all NEW cheap moves."
  • "Well, he was borderline for a while… then he crossed the border."
  • "Being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker’s God-given right."
  • "You know, I have met some dumb blondes in my life, but you take the taco, pal!"
  • "Ungrateful little yuppie larva."
  • "I have a strong psychic belief that the world will end on New Year’s Eve."
  • "Aren’t you supposed to lie to me and kiss my butt?"
  • "You’re much better than you realize. You don’t give yourself enough credit."
  • "I have seen some disgusting crud in my time, but you take the cake!"
  • "Wow, that is one ugly dude."
  • "You had a violent prolonged transformative psychic episode."
  • "Everything you are doing is bad. I want you to know this."

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Send one for my muse’s reaction.
  • "I adore you."
  • “You are adorable.”
  • “I’ll protect you with my life.”
  • “I wish you would notice me and maybe develop feelings for me.”
  • “A storm is coming.”
  • “You are cute but we’re not going to be a thing.”
  • “Can I kiss you?”
  • “Give me a sign!”
  • “I want to be your friend.”
  • “I need you.”
  • “I hate you!”
  • “Get over it.”
  • “That was rude.”
  • “I’m trying to flirt with you, okay?”
  • “You are my enemy.”
  • “I like when you smile.”

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My muse is standing on your muses doorstep, beaten and bloodied, in tears. Send me your muses reaction.

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